Schedule & Results, 2014-2015 Woolwich Wildcat Weekend, 2014-2015 (Woolwich Minor Hockey)

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Friday, November 7, 2014
Major Peew18:15 AMSNY New Hamburg Huskies1-4Woolwich Wildcats
PeeWee LL28:45 AMMCL Woolwich Wildcats #24-2Mount Forest Rams
Bantam LL 38:45 AMSTJ Mount Forest Rams3-1Woolwich Wildcats
PeeWee LL49:30 AMSNY Beverly Bandits6-0Woolwich Wildcats #1
Bantam LL 510:00 AMMCL New Hamburg Huskies2-1Twin Centre Stars
Bantam LL 610:00 AMSTJ Lucan Irish3-0Beverly Bandits
Bantam AE 710:45 AMSNY Wingham Ironmen2-0North London Nationals
Bantam AE (XOVER)811:15 AMMCL Halton Hills Thunder6-0Woolwich Wildcats
Major Bant911:15 AMSTJ Cambridge Hawks2-0Woolwich Wildcats
PeeWee AE1012:00 PMSNY Goderich Sailors3-3Merritton Bulldogs
PeeWee LL1112:30 PMMCL Barrie Colts 10-0New Hamburg Huskies
PeeWee AE1212:30 PMSTJ Woolwich Wildcats Red1-3Stratford Warriors
Bantam LL 131:15 PMSNY Innisfil Winterhawks6-1Oak Ridges Kings #3
Bantam LL 141:45 PMMCL Oak Ridges Kings #13-0East Gwillimbury Eagles
Bantam LL 151:45 PMSTJ Thorold Blackhawks1-4Schomberg Red Wings
Major Peew162:30 PMSNY Scarborough Ice Raiders1-7New Hamburg Huskies
PeeWee LL173:00 PMMCL Orangeville Flyers2-0Beverly Bandits
Major Peew183:00 PMSTJ Woolwich Wildcats 3-0Tillsonburg Tornadoes
Major Bant193:45 PMSNY Woolwich Wildcats 1-2Fort Erie Junior Meteors
Major Bant204:15 PMMCL Georgina Blaze0-5Cambridge Hawks
Bantam AE 214:15 PMSTJ North London Nationals0-2Halton Hills Thunder
PeeWee LL225:00 PMSNY New Hamburg Huskies0-3Woolwich Wildcats #2
PeeWee AE235:30 PMMCL Merritton Bulldogs1-2Woolwich Wildcats Blue
PeeWee AE245:30 PMSTJ Stratford Warriors5-3Oro Thunder
PeeWee LL256:15 PMSNY Mount Forest Rams1-9Barrie Colts
PeeWee AE266:45 PMMCL Penetang Flames2-5Woolwich Wildcats Red
Bantam LL 276:45 PMSTJ Oak Ridges Kings #16-6Mount Forest Rams
Bantam LL 287:30 PMSNY East Gwillimbury Eagles8-0Woolwich Wildcats
PeeWee LL298:00 PMMCL Woolwich Wildcats #11-2Orangeville Flyers
Bantam LL 308:00 PMSTJ Innisfil Winterhawks2-0New Hamburg Huskies
Bantam AE 318:45 PMSNY Orangeville Flyers1-2Merritton Bulldogs
Bantam LL 329:15 PMMCL Oak Ridges Kings #36-2Twin Centre Stars
Saturday, November 8, 2014
PeeWee AE338:30 AMSNY Oro Thunder5-1Penetang Flames
Major Bant349:00 AMMCL Georgina Blaze1-6Fort Erie Junior Meteors
PeeWee AE359:00 AMSTJ Woolwich Wildcats Blue1-1Goderich Sailors
Bantam AE 369:45 AMSNY Wingham Ironmen4-1Halton Hills Thunder
Bantam LL 3710:15 AMMCL Woolwich Wildcats 0-5Oak Ridges Kings #1
Semi's & F3810:15 AMSTJ New Hamburg Huskies0-6Orangeville Flyers
Major Peew3911:00 AMSNY Woolwich Wildcats 8-1Scarborough Ice Raiders
Semi's & F4011:30 AMMCL Woolwich Wildcats #11-4Woolwich Wildcats #2
Semi's & F4111:30 AMSTJ Mount Forest Rams1-3Beverly Bandits
Bantam AE 4212:15 PMSNY Woolwich Wildcats 2-2Merritton Bulldogs
Bantam LL 4312:45 PMMCL East Gwillimbury Eagles2-2Mount Forest Rams
Bantam AE (XOVER)4412:45 PMSTJ North London Nationals1-5Orangeville Flyers
Semi's & F451:30 PMSNY Merritton Bulldogs3-2Oro Thunder
Semi's & F462:00 PMMCL Penetang Flames1-6Woolwich Wildcats Blue
Semi's & F472:00 PMSTJ Goderich Sailors2-7Woolwich Wildcats Red
Major Peew482:45 PMSNY Tillsonburg Tornadoes1-6New Hamburg Huskies
Bantam LL 493:15 PMMCL Thorold Blackhawks0-3Lucan Irish
Bantam LL 503:15 PMSTJ New Hamburg Huskies11-3Oak Ridges Kings #3
Bantam LL 514:00 PMSNY Schomberg Red Wings2-6Beverly Bandits
Bantam LL 524:30 PMMCL Twin Centre Stars0-5Innisfil Winterhawks
Semi's & F534:30 PMSTJ Beverly Bandits3-0Barrie Colts
Major Bant545:15 PMSNY Woolwich Wildcats 7-1Georgina Blaze
Bantam AE (XOVER)555:45 PMMCL Merritton Bulldogs0-2Wingham Ironmen
Bantam AE 565:45 PMSTJ Orangeville Flyers4-4Woolwich Wildcats
Semi's & F576:30 PMSNY Woolwich Wildcats #22-4Orangeville Flyers
Semi's & F587:00 PMMCL Merritton Bulldogs2-9Stratford Warriors
Semi's & F597:00 PMSTJ Woolwich Wildcats Red0-6Woolwich Wildcats Blue
Major Peew607:45 PMSNY Scarborough Ice Raiders2-4Tillsonburg Tornadoes
Major Bant618:15 PMMCL Cambridge Hawks3-1Fort Erie Junior Meteors
Bantam LL 628:15 PMSTJ Beverly Bandits6-1Thorold Blackhawks
Bantam LL 639:00 PMSNY Schomberg Red Wings1-4Lucan Irish
Sunday, November 9, 2014
Major Peew648:15 AMSNY Tillsonburg Tornadoes2-3New Hamburg Huskies
Major Peew658:45 AMMCL Scarborough Ice Raiders0-8Woolwich Wildcats
Semi's & F669:30 AMSNY Halton Hills Thunder2-1Merritton Bulldogs
Semi's & F6710:00 AMMCL Orangeville Flyers3-2Wingham Ironmen
Semi's & F6810:45 AMSNY Woolwich Wildcats 1-7Fort Erie Junior Meteors
Semi's & F6911:15 AMMCL Georgina Blaze0-3Cambridge Hawks
Bantam LL 7012:00 PMSNY New Hamburg Huskies0-5Innisfil Winterhawks
Bantam LL (XOVER)7112:30 PMMCL Oak Ridges Kings #13-2Lucan Irish
Semi's & F721:15 PMSNY Beverly Bandits3-4Orangeville Flyers
Semi's & F731:45 PMMCL Woolwich Wildcats Blue1-4Stratford Warriors
Semi's & F742:45 PMSNY New HamburgWoolwich
Bantam AE (XOVER)753:15 PMMCL Orangeville FlyersHalton Hills Thunder
Semi's & F764:15 PMSNY Fort ErieCambridge
Semi's & F774:45 PMMCL Oak Ridges #1Innisfil
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