Overview (Woolwich Minor Hockey)

WMHA offers programming for a variety of Age Groups and skill levels:

  Age # of Ice Times Day(s)  Travel Cost League
The First Shift  6-10  6 ice times Saturday  No $299  N/A
 IP4  4  2 times/week 1 weekday, 1 weekend  No $425  N/A
 IP5  5  2 times/week 1 weekday, 1 weekend  No $425  N/A
 IP6  6  2 times/week 1 weekday, 1 weekend  No $590  N/A
 MD  U8/U9  TBD TBD  Yes  $590+
(Reg + Rep Fee) 
Local League  U8+  2 times/week Any  Yes $590-$750 GRLL
Select  U11, U13, U15  1-2 times/week Any  Yes TBD N/A
Representative A and BB  U10+  4 times/week Any  Yes $1,000+
(Reg + Rep Fee) 

NOTE: The chart above provides general information and may be subject to change. Cost, days and # of Ice Times are not guaranteed.


Q: Is local league the same as house league?
A: House league is when you only play within your own association, local league travel locally. WMHA has a local league and does not have a house league.

Q: How often would my child play?
A: It depends on the program. First Shift: 6 times. Local League: 2 times a week. Representative: 4 times a week.

Q: Are the # of ice times and days guaranteed?
A: No, this is general information that is subject to change based on items like ice availability.

Q: Is the First Shift program guaranteed to run?
A: No. WMHA has to be selected as an approved location.  Locations are listed on the First Shift website.

Q: What is the Select Program?
A: Rostered Select is a team made up of Local League players selected through a Tryout process. While Select Program is still deemed Recreation and not part of the Representative program, it does provide additional ice times in the form of practices or exhibition games. The Select team can also enter Rostered Select tournaments.