Privacy & Social Media Policy (Woolwich Minor Hockey)

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WMHA Privacy Policy

Woolwich Minor Hockey believes in respecting everyone’s right to confidentiality.

WMHA Woolwich Minor Hockey Association collects personal information from prospective members, members, coaches, referees, managers and volunteers for the purposes of conducting Hockey Programming.

Information specific to a player such as a player's name, address and date of birth are collected to determine that the player's geographical, division of play and level of play information are consistent with Hockey Canada/Branch regulations. Historical information concerning past teams played for is collected in order to determine if any Woolwich Minor Hockey Association transfer regulations may apply.

At no time are lists generated for the purpose of marketing, or the sale of information.

Team Officials must comply with the WMHA Privacy Policy. Team lists and phone numbers are not to be shared with anyone outside of WMHA and specifically may not be distributed to outside agencies, companies, associations or individuals.

Use of photos on the website and social media platforms are provided by bench staff and WMHA Executive. WMHA reserves the right to use professional photographed WMHA team photos through various platforms: WMHA website, social media, local press, and any platform deemed appropriate by WMHA Executive.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the WMHA Privacy Policy or the use and distribution of personal information, please contact the President of Woolwich Minor Hockey association.



Because social media violations may vary in terms of their seriousness and effect, care will be taken to consider sanctions that are appropriate in each situation that presents itself. This document is intended to assist Woolwich Minor Hockey Association address any social media violations of varying severity.

Factors that can be considered when dealing with social media violations include:

  • The intent of the violator
  • Whether harm, physical or otherwise, resulted from the violation
  • The circumstances of the violation
  • The effect the violation had upon its recipient, the recipient’s family, the team, the Association, or the community
  • Any previous social media violation history

Possible disciplinary measures therefore depend on a number of factors. The following suggested responses for various conducts are:

  • Implicit or implied threats of death or serious bodily harm: indefinite suspension, referral to WMHA Executive for investigation and punishment (also refer to police)
  •  Encouraging someone to do themselves serious harm: indefinite suspension
  • Posting of pictures of a threatening nature: indefinite suspension, (also refer to police)
  • Slurs against someone’s race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation: lengthy suspension
  • Slurs against another or their family: suspension
  • Posting comments and/or pictures of self of an implied sexual nature: suspension
  • Posting comments and/or pictures of someone else of an implied sexual nature: indefinite suspension, referral to WMHA Executive  for investigation and punishment (also may refer to police)
  • Gossip- Warning, then suspension
  • Posting or sending cruel gossip to damage a person’s reputation and relationships with friends, family, and acquaintances: suspension
  • Breaking into someone’s e-mail or other online account and sending messages that will cause embarrassment or damage to the person’s reputation and affect his or her relationship with others: indefinite suspension, referral to WMHA Executive  for investigation and punishment (also refer to police)
  • Posting or sending unwanted or intimidating messages: suspension
  • Tricking someone into revealing secrets or embarrassing information, which is then shared online: suspension
  •  Negative or derogatory comments about the team or any member of the association: suspension