Player/Goalie Development (Woolwich Minor Hockey)

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Player / Goalie Development

WMHA has specific development programs in place for goaltenders, players and coaches.

Representative Development

Power skating/skills sessions

Representative teams from  U8 MD to U13 will have 6 development sessions from early September to mid October.  These will be skating and skills sessions led by Tony Code and his staff from WMHA. They are focused on skating and skills fundamentals including: stride development, efficiency in crossovers, backward skating, pivoting, balance, edge work, as well as, puck control, forehand and backhand passing, forehand and backhand shooting, protecting the puck and general puck possession skills.  

These sessions will NOT include goaltenders.  Even though support for having goaltenders included was high in recent survey results(97%), we want these sessions to be more specific in their focus.   We want our coaches to be on the ice observing these skating/skills sessions and collaborating with WMHA staff on development issues and strategies. With only skaters present on the ice, coaches will be free to do just that.  WMHA coaches have a high level of skill and knowledge and we hope they grasp this opportunity to improve and add to their teaching vocabulary and skill set through observation and collaboration with WMHA staff as they lead these skill sessions.

Sessions are designed to be cost recovery and revenue neutral in nature.  This year’s development fee will be $85 per skater.

Gavin White is the key contact for Woolwich Minor Hockey Association for Player Development.

Goaltending Development

Goaltending clinics are led by Steve Sumka of Angles Goalie Training. Steve is the Assistant Coach of the Erin Shamrocks of the GMOJHL and a member of the Orangeville Minor Hockey Executive.  Steve spends considerable time providing goalie instruction to individual teams and hockey associations.


The Goalie Development sessions are 90 minute sessions focused on improving the goaltenders movements and saves.  Emphasis will be placed on proper technique.  The sessions include four stations that utilize game situation drills.


All A, and BB teams from U10 to U15 will receive eight Goalie Development sessions.  Each team will supply goalie coaches and shooters to maximize the effectiveness of the drills (an added bonus for the players of each team to improve their own shooting and puck handling skills during the drills).

Steve is available before and after each Development session to field any questions or provide further advice. Sessions are designed to be cost recovery and revenue neutral in nature.  This year’s development fee will be $145 per goaltender for 8 sessions.

Josh Gruhl is the key contact for Woolwich Minor Hockey Association for Goalie Development.

Local League Development

Each year local league development options are considered based on indicated interest level.  Where interest warrants we will offer Saturday morning goaltending sessions as well as Saturday morning skating/skills sessions led by Steve Sumka(goaltenders) and WHHA(skaters).  Content will be similar to that described above with the duration of sessions and cost per player based on indicated interest.

For inquires regarding Woolwich's 
Development Program, please contact our VP of Development – Gavin White at [email protected]