Referees (Woolwich Minor Hockey)



The Elmira and District Hockey Referees Association has a long and cooperative history with the Woolwich Minor Hockey Association. Both organizations have worked hard together over the years to foster a sense of fair play for young hockey players.

Officials in Woolwich are fully trained and supervised by the OMHA. To become a hockey official, individuals must take a full day clinic where they learn the basic positioning guidelines and rules. In addition, every year, officials must take recertification training and pass an exam that is written all across the country by every official under the jurisdiction of Hockey Canada. Officials are supervised throughout the year and are awarded for their experience, performance and professionalism, with higher level games, and level upgrades. Officials may also be selected for numerous OMHA and OHF Championships at year’s end. EDHRA has a long history of sending officials to these championships due to their hard work and dedication year in and year out.

The EDHRA is looking forward to another season of officiating Woolwich Minor Hockey and reminds all players, coaches, officials and parents that before you enter the rink to consider your role in showing respect for the game of hockey and all its participants. 

Abuse is not tolerated at school, home or in the workplace yet it is the biggest reason Hockey Canada loses 10,000 officials every year, please treat officials in the same manner you would expect others to treat your son or daughter if they were refereeing. 

Interested in Becoming a Ref?

Anyone who is turning 14 years old or older and interested in becoming an OMHA official with the EDHRA can contact [email protected] to find out more details. Must turn 14 before the end of the first calendar year of that season (i.e. turn 14 prior to December 31, 2023 in the 2023/24 season)

For more information regarding certification within the OMHA please visit: OMHA. The new referee clinics are not typically posted until late August, early September.

Refereeing offers very good pay compensation in comparison to other part time jobs, which offsets the start-up costs rather quickly. For more information please email [email protected]

To apply, please click HERE.

Thank you for all the recent applications. Please note, the Referee application form is now closed for the 2023-2024 season. Please contact [email protected].