Schedule & Results, 2013 Woolwich Wildcat Weekend, 2013-2014 (Woolwich Minor Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, November 7, 2013
Round Robi15:30 PMSNY Hespeler Shamrocks4-1Woolwich Wildcats
Round Robi26:00 PMMCL Woolwich #1 Wildcats4-2Woolwich #2 Wildcats
Red36:30 PMSNY Beverly Bandits3-1Woolwich #1 Wildcats
Friday, November 8, 2013
Round Robi49:30 AMSNY Listowel Cyclones2-1Woolwich #2 Wildcats
Blue510:00 AMMCL Woolwich #3 Wildcats0-4Woolwich #2 Wildcats
Round Robi610:00 AMSTJ Hespeler Shamrocks5-0Minto Mad Dogs
Red710:30 AMSNY Waterloo Wolves1-2Woolwich Wildcats
Blue911:00 AMSTJ Woolwich #2 Wildcats1-3Lucan Irish
Round Robi811:15 AMMCL Mount Forest Rams 2-2Woolwich #1 Wildcats
Red1011:30 AMSNY Aylmer Flames3-6Beverly Bandits
Round Robi1212:00 PMSTJ Woolwich #3 Wildcats4-4Beverly Bandits
Round Robi1112:30 PMMCL Woolwich Wildcats3-1West London Hawks
Round Robi1312:30 PMSNY Woolwich Wildcats1-2Burlington Bulldogs
Red151:00 PMSTJ Howick Hornets3-6Woolwich #1 Wildcats
Round Robi141:30 PMMCL Woolwich #2 Wildcats2-12Embro Edge
Red161:30 PMSNY Woolwich #1 Wildcats2-1Thorold Blackhawks
Red (XOVER)182:15 PMSTJ Owen Sound Jr. Attack3-4Woolwich Wildcats
Red (XOVER)172:30 PMMCL South Muskoka Bears0-4Merriton Bulldogs
Blue192:30 PMSNY Applewood Coyotes0-1Cambridge Hawks
Red213:15 PMSTJ Woolwich Wildcats2-1Tillsonburg Tornadoes
Blue203:30 PMMCL Woolwich #2 Wildcats2-5Tillsonburg Tornadoes
Round Robi223:30 PMSNY Ted Reeve Thunder3-1Oakridge Aeros
Round Robi244:15 PMSTJ Woolwich #3 Wildcats2-3Listowel Cyclones
Blue (XOVER)254:30 PMSNY Collingwood Blackhawks3-3Woolwich #3 Wildcats
Blue234:45 PMMCL Woolwich #2 Wildcats1-3Pelham Panthers
Round Robi275:15 PMSTJ Orangeville Flyers0-2Arran- Elderslie Ice Dogs
Blue265:45 PMMCL Lucan Irish5-4Oak Ridges Kings
Round Robi285:45 PMSNY Beverly Bandits 1-6Embro Edge
Red306:15 PMSTJ Thorold Blackhawks2-0Aylmer Flames
Red296:45 PMMCL Woolwich Wildcats3-3Wingham Ironmen
Blue316:45 PMSNY Halton Hills Thunder8-0South Muskoka Bears
Blue337:15 PMSTJ Cambridge Hawks2-4Southpoint Capitals
Round Robi327:45 PMMCL Woolwich Wildcats0-3Port Perry Predators
Round Robi347:45 PMSNY Wingham Ironmen0-4Burlington Bulldogs
Round Robi368:15 PMSTJ West London Hawks3-5Ted Reeve Thunder
Red (XOVER)358:45 PMMCL Tillsonburg Tornadoes7-2Howick Hornets
Red378:45 PMSNY Tillsonburg Tornadoes6-7Waterloo Wolves
Saturday, November 9, 2013
Round Robi388:30 AMSNY Woolwich #1 Wildcats3-5Woolwich #3 Wildcats
Blue409:00 AMMCL Pelham Panthers1-0Oak Ridges Kings
Round Robi419:00 AMSTJ Woolwich #2 Wildcats2-7Mount Forest Rams
Round Robi399:30 AMSNY Beverly Bandits 4-3Listowel Cyclones
Blue (XOVER)4310:00 AMMCL Woolwich Wildcats1-4Cambridge Hawks
Blue4410:00 AMSTJ Owen Sound Jr. Attack3-0South Muskoka Bears
Red (XOVER)4210:30 AMSNY Halton Hills Thunder3-3Wingham Ironmen
Round Robi4611:00 AMMCL Burlington Bulldogs6-1Orangeville Flyers
Red4711:00 AMSTJ Woolwich #1 Wildcats5-2Collingwood Blackhawks
Red4511:30 AMSNY Merriton Bulldogs2-1Woolwich Wildcats
Round Robi4912:00 PMMCL Arran- Elderslie Ice Dogs 5-3Woolwich Wildcats
Blue (XOVER)5012:15 PMSTJ Waterloo Wolves4-0Applewood Coyotes
Red4812:30 PMSNY Aylmer Flames3-2Woolwich #1 Wildcats
Round Robi521:00 PMMCL Ted Reeve Thunder1-2Woolwich Wildcats
Blue (XOVER)531:15 PMSTJ Tillsonburg Tornadoes0-3Southpoint Capitals
Round Robi511:30 PMSNY Mount Forest Rams 0-6Embro Edge
Red552:00 PMMCL Beverly Bandits1-5Thorold Blackhawks
Round Robi562:15 PMSTJ Oakridge Aeros1-2Port Perry Predators
Round Robi542:30 PMSNY Minto Mad Dogs0-7Wingham Ironmen
Blue583:00 PMMCL Halton Hills Thunder7-5Owen Sound Jr. Attack
Blue573:30 PMSNY Lucan Irish1-1Pelham Panthers
Red593:45 PMSTJ Wingham Ironmen3-1Merriton Bulldogs
Round Robi614:00 PMMCL Woolwich #1 Wildcats1-5Beverly Bandits
Blue604:30 PMSNY Woolwich #2 Wildcats3-4Oak Ridges Kings
Blue624:45 PMSTJ Woolwich #3 Wildcats3-4Tillsonburg Tornadoes
Blue (XOVER)645:00 PMMCL Woolwich #1 Wildcats3-11Woolwich #2 Wildcats
Round Robi635:30 PMSNY Orangeville Flyers0-2Hespeler Shamrocks
Round Robi656:00 PMSTJ Listowel Cyclones0-4Embro Edge
Blue676:15 PMMCL Southpoint Capitals1-3Applewood Coyotes
Red666:30 PMSNY Collingwood Blackhawks2-0Howick Hornets
Round Robi687:00 PMSTJ Woolwich Wildcats4-2Wingham Ironmen
Round Robi707:15 PMMCL Mount Forest Rams 1-0Woolwich #3 Wildcats
Round Robi697:45 PMSNY Minto Mad Dogs1-7Arran- Elderslie Ice Dogs
Semi's & F728:15 PMMCL Merriton Bulldogs0-1Halton Hills Thunder
Semi's & F718:45 PMSNY Owen Sound Jr. Attack3-5Wingham Ironmen
Round Robi749:15 PMMCL Oakridge Aeros0-5Woolwich Wildcats
Round Robi739:45 PMSNY Port Perry Predators0-1West London Hawks
Sunday, November 10, 2013
Round Robi758:00 AMSNY Minto Mad Dogs2-3Orangeville Flyers
Round Robi778:00 AMSTJ Burlington Bulldogs2-0Hespeler Shamrocks
Round Robi768:30 AMMCL Wingham Ironmen3-0Arran- Elderslie Ice Dogs
Semi's & F789:00 AMSNY Cambridge Hawks1-2Woolwich Wildcats
Semi's & F809:00 AMSTJ Beverly Bandits2-4Pelham Panthers
Semi's & F799:30 AMMCL Lucan Irish3-2Thorold Blackhawks
Semi's & F8110:00 AMSNY Waterloo Wolves5-2Southpoint Capitals
Semi's & F8310:00 AMSTJ Collingwood Blackhawks0-4Tillsonburg Tornadoes
Semi's & F8210:30 AMMCL Woolwich #2 Wildcats3-1Woolwich #1 Wildcats
Round Robi8611:15 AMSTJ Port Perry Predators4-4Ted Reeve Thunder
Round Robi8511:45 AMMCL West London Hawks0-0Oakridge Aeros
Semi's & F8412:00 PMSNY Wingham Ironmen2-4Halton Hills Thunder
Semi's & F8812:45 PMMCL Mount Forest Rams 1-6Embro Edge
Semi's & F871:15 PMSNY Hespeler Shamrocks0-2Burlington Bulldogs
Semi's & F902:00 PMMCL Waterloo Wolves2-1Woolwich Wildcats
Semi's & F892:30 PMSNY Lucan Irish2-1Pelham Panthers
Semi's & F923:15 PMMCL Woolwich #2 Wildcats10-4Tillsonburg Tornadoes
Semi's & F913:45 PMSNY Port Perry Predators4-3Woolwich Wildcats
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