Are you interested in joining our SPARE list for "4-on-4"?, News, 4 on 4 Spring Hockey League, 2021-2022 (Woolwich Minor Hockey)

This Tournament is part of the 2021-2022 season, which is not set as the current season.
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Apr 05, 2022 | Tracey Williams | 361 views
Are you interested in joining our SPARE list for "4-on-4"?
Although our 4-on-4 Players are a dedicated bunch, occasionally, due to other commitments, they may need to miss a game. 

Due to the numbers on each of the teams, being set at the optimum amount to give each player and goalie, optimum playing time, being down a player or 2, can be tough. 

Each 4-on-4 Season, we ask for players and goalies to join our spare list, which Coaches can draw from, should they need replacement players/goalies. 

If you are interested in being placed on the Spare List, please CLICK HERE to complete the player information form. 

This list will be provided to each Coach to use, if required. Please ensure you supply an email address for contact purposes, that is checked often.

There will be a cost of $10, assessed to play each game. The payment must be e-transferred prior to participating in each game - email for e-transfer is [email protected] 

Please bring your own jersey (any color is fine).

There is no guarantee that players or goalies will be called to play - spares should only be used in situations where deemed necessary (goalie or multiple players are absent). 

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