Concussion Management (Woolwich Minor Hockey)

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WHMA Concussion Program

Click here to read an Observer article on Concussion Management Seminar October 1st @ the Woolwich Memorial Centre

Over the past two seasons, CMRG and their affiliated physicians have provided excellent service to the individuals that have gone through the process and the program is accomplishing the objectives that it was set out to achieve: to maximize the safety of our players in our association.

With any new program, we have experienced some growing pains which CMRG have promptly addressed and provided solutions to maintain an excellent service level. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any feedback on the program.

Just some points of clarification on the concussion management program and the return to play guidelines.

  • If a player is suspected to have suffered a concussion the first step is to go to your family physician for confirmation. Once a concussion is confirmed by the family doctor, please contact Dave Lee for an appointment at one of the affiliated physicians . His contact information is listed below.
  • Throughout the process, please keep the coaching staff abreast of the progress and timelines to return that have been communicated by the physician.
  • Once the physician has cleared the player to return to games, provide the physicians note to the coaching staff so they have confirmation the player has been cleared.

If at any point you need clarification on how to proceed through this process please contact Dave Lee (519-616-0104 or email [email protected]) and he will ensure that you receive answers to your questions or a recommended solution to the issues.