iPad Questionnaire - 2022-23 Season (Woolwich Minor Hockey)

Print iPad Questionnaire - 2022-23 Season
Please complete this form to let the WMHA know about your iPad status.
Please enter your team and contact information.
  1. ie, U10A
  2. ie, Manager's or Coach's name
  3. Please enter your contact email.
Please let us know whether you would like to borrow an iPad from the WMHA or if you already have one that you are using for the season.
  1. If you answer YES, please proceed to the "iPad Damage Waiver" section. If you answer NO, please proceed to "Financial Compensation" section.
Please complete this section, should you wish to use an iPad from the Association, for the season.
  1. Please click on "I acknowledge". A damage deposit of $300 must be supplied via cheque when the iPad is picked up.
Please complete this section ONLY IF YOU WISH TO RECEIVE 1 x YEAR'S FINANCIAL EQUIVALENT, as you have decided to use your own team's iPad.
  1. The total cost of the iPad was $400, which we have been told will last 3 years - so 1 year = $133.00
  2. Enter the name you team bank account is set up in.
Human Validation