2021-2022 Team Staff Application (Woolwich Minor Hockey)

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    Personal Information
    Please provide all pertinent information for Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Trainer, Manager and On Ice Helper positions.
    1. First and Last Name
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    3. Example: ###-###-####
    4. Example: yo[email protected]. Your submission will be sent to this address.
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    Please provide information on your playing and coach history including education/certification.
    1. Include Level and Expiry Date. See https://www.omha.net/coach for more information.
    2. Include position, sport, centre name, age, level and classification. Ex. Hockey Head Coach, Major Bantam A, Woolwich
    3. Please see OMHA site for coaching requirements - https://www.omha.net/coach
    Team Requested
    Note: Applications for AE Teams will remain confidential until A teams are chosen unless the coach selected is a non-parent.
    1. Ex. U11 A, U11 AE
    2. Ex. U11 A, U11 AE
    1. Ex. Atom Pathway, Novice & Below Implementation Guide
    2. Provide name, address, phone, and email address of 3 references.
    1. Commitment

      I agree, that if selected, I will upgrade my coaching certification as requested by WMHA, attend all coach meetings, and provide a Police Vulnerable Sector Check.  I understand that the Coaching Selection Committee may contact other members of WMHA and other associations concerning this application. I  agree to familiarize myself with and abide by the WMHA Code of Conduct. 

      I agree to familiarize myself with Hockey Canada’s National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) requirements for coaching minor hockey and ensure that I maintain the required level of certification.  I will accept any judgment of the WMHA for my failure to abide by the Hockey Canada, OMHA and WMHA Constitution, By-Laws, Policies, Procedure, Rules, Regulations, Guidelines and Codes of Conduct, which may include suspension or removal from the Coach position.  

      I agree to familiarize myself with and follow the WMHA Discipline & Dispute Resolution Process and agree to abide by any decisions by the WMHA executive resulting from the application of this process.  I acknowledge that I may be removed from any coaching position assigned by the WMHA at any time at the sole discretion of the WMHA. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the WMHA for my failure to abide by WMHA, OMHA, and/or Hockey Canada guidelines.

      I support the WMHA’s philosophy of player development and will respect all players, team officials, on ice officials, parents, WMHA Executive and will strive to create a positive environment. I understand that it is at the sole discretion of WMHA whether or not to proceed with the application process. I agree that the decisions of the WMHA Coach Selection Committee are final and I hold the Committee, the WMHA, and/or any other governing body harmless for the decision.

      I agree that my application is not part of a "consortium". For purposes of this application, a "consortium" is defined as 2 or more individuals applying for the same team in order to monopolize the team and if one is successful, they appoint the other applicant(s) as part of their staff.

      I understand that all information I have provided is to be considered true and I understand that submitting any false information may lead to the application becoming void or if my application is successful, it may result in immediate dismissal as a coach, referee, or volunteer within the WMHA. 
    Human Validation