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Woolwich (McLeod)
Sat, Oct 2311:00 AM12:30 PM90306754
Sun, Oct 244:00 PM5:00 PM60306754
Tue, Oct 266:00 PM7:00 PM60306754
Thu, Oct 285:00 PM7:00 PM120306754
Thu, Oct 288:00 PM9:00 PM60306754
Sat, Oct 3010:00 AM12:30 PM150306754
Sat, Oct 305:00 PM7:00 PM120306754
Sun, Oct 314:00 PM5:30 PM90306754
Tue, Nov 025:00 PM7:00 PM120306754
Thu, Nov 045:00 PM9:00 PM240306754
Sat, Nov 0610:00 AM12:30 PM150306754
Sat, Nov 065:00 PM7:00 PM120306754
Sun, Nov 074:15 PM5:30 PM75306754
Tue, Nov 095:00 PM7:00 PM120306754
Thu, Nov 115:00 PM9:00 PM240306754
Sat, Nov 1310:00 AM12:30 PM150306754
Sat, Nov 135:00 PM7:00 PM120306754
Sun, Nov 142:00 PM3:00 PM60306754
Sun, Nov 144:15 PM5:30 PM75306754
Tue, Nov 165:00 PM7:00 PM120306754
Thu, Nov 185:00 PM9:00 PM240306754
Sat, Nov 2010:00 AM12:30 PM150306754
Sat, Nov 205:00 PM7:00 PM120306754
Sun, Nov 214:15 PM5:30 PM75306754
Tue, Nov 235:00 PM7:00 PM120306754
Thu, Nov 255:00 PM9:00 PM240306754
Sat, Nov 2710:00 AM12:30 PM150306754
Sat, Nov 275:00 PM7:00 PM120306754
Sun, Nov 282:00 PM3:00 PM60306754
Sun, Nov 284:15 PM5:30 PM75306754
Tue, Nov 305:00 PM7:00 PM120306754
Thu, Dec 025:00 PM9:00 PM240306754
Sat, Dec 0410:00 AM12:30 PM150306754
Sat, Dec 045:00 PM7:00 PM120306754
Tue, Dec 075:00 PM7:00 PM120306754
Thu, Dec 095:00 PM9:00 PM240306754
Sat, Dec 1110:00 AM2:00 PM240306754
Sat, Dec 115:00 PM7:00 PM120306754
Sun, Dec 122:00 PM7:00 PM300306754
Tue, Dec 145:00 PM7:00 PM120306754
Thu, Dec 165:00 PM9:00 PM240306754
Woolwich (Snyder)
Fri, Oct 225:30 PM6:30 PM60306754
Sat, Oct 233:00 PM4:30 PM90306754
Sun, Oct 244:00 PM5:30 PM90306754
Tue, Oct 264:30 PM6:45 PM135306754
Wed, Oct 274:30 PM6:45 PM135306754
Wed, Oct 2710:15 PM11:15 PM60306754
Thu, Oct 284:30 PM6:30 PM120306754
Fri, Oct 297:30 PM8:30 PM60306754
Sat, Oct 309:00 PM10:30 PM90306754
Sun, Oct 312:30 PM4:00 PM90306754
Sun, Oct 315:30 PM6:30 PM60306754
Sun, Oct 315:30 PM9:30 PM240306754
Mon, Nov 014:30 PM7:00 PM150306754
Tue, Nov 024:30 PM6:45 PM135306754
Wed, Nov 034:30 PM6:45 PM135306754
Wed, Nov 0310:15 PM11:15 PM60306754
Thu, Nov 044:30 PM6:30 PM120306754
Fri, Nov 055:30 PM8:30 PM180306754
Fri, Nov 059:30 PM10:30 PM60306754
Sat, Nov 061:30 PM3:00 PM90306754
Sat, Nov 066:00 PM7:30 PM90306754
Sat, Nov 069:00 PM10:30 PM90306754
Sun, Nov 0711:30 AM6:30 PM420306754
Mon, Nov 084:30 PM7:00 PM150306754
Tue, Nov 094:30 PM6:45 PM135306754
Wed, Nov 104:30 PM6:45 PM135306754
Wed, Nov 1010:15 PM11:15 PM60306754
Thu, Nov 114:30 PM6:30 PM120306754
Fri, Nov 125:30 PM8:30 PM180306754
Fri, Nov 129:30 PM10:30 PM60306754
Sat, Nov 136:00 PM10:30 PM270306754
Sun, Nov 1411:30 AM1:30 PM120306754
Sun, Nov 142:30 PM4:00 PM90306754
Sun, Nov 145:30 PM6:30 PM60306754
Mon, Nov 154:30 PM7:00 PM150306754
Tue, Nov 164:30 PM6:45 PM135306754
Wed, Nov 174:30 PM6:45 PM135306754
Wed, Nov 1710:15 PM11:15 PM60306754
Thu, Nov 184:30 PM6:30 PM120306754
Fri, Nov 195:30 PM8:30 PM180306754
Fri, Nov 199:30 PM10:30 PM60306754
Sat, Nov 201:30 PM3:00 PM90306754
Sun, Nov 2111:30 AM4:00 PM270306754
Sun, Nov 215:30 PM6:30 PM60306754
Mon, Nov 224:30 PM7:00 PM150306754
Tue, Nov 234:30 PM6:45 PM135306754
Wed, Nov 244:30 PM6:45 PM135306754
Wed, Nov 2410:15 PM11:15 PM60306754
Thu, Nov 254:30 PM6:30 PM120306754
Fri, Nov 265:30 PM8:30 PM180306754
Fri, Nov 269:30 PM10:30 PM60306754
Sat, Nov 272:45 PM4:30 PM105306754
Sat, Nov 276:00 PM10:30 PM270306754
Sun, Nov 2811:30 AM4:00 PM270306754
Sun, Nov 285:30 PM6:30 PM60306754
Mon, Nov 294:30 PM7:00 PM150306754
Tue, Nov 304:30 PM6:45 PM135306754
Wed, Dec 014:30 PM6:45 PM135306754
Wed, Dec 0110:15 PM11:15 PM60306754
Thu, Dec 024:30 PM6:30 PM120306754
Fri, Dec 035:30 PM8:30 PM180306754
Fri, Dec 039:30 PM10:30 PM60306754
Sat, Dec 041:30 PM3:00 PM90306754
Sun, Dec 0511:30 AM4:00 PM270306754
Sun, Dec 055:30 PM6:30 PM60306754
Mon, Dec 064:30 PM8:30 PM240306754
Tue, Dec 074:30 PM6:45 PM135306754
Wed, Dec 084:30 PM6:45 PM135306754
Wed, Dec 0810:15 PM11:15 PM60306754
Thu, Dec 094:30 PM6:30 PM120306754
Fri, Dec 105:30 PM8:30 PM180306754
Fri, Dec 109:30 PM10:30 PM60306754
Sat, Dec 116:00 PM10:30 PM270306754
Sun, Dec 1211:30 AM4:00 PM270306754
Sun, Dec 125:30 PM6:30 PM60306754
Mon, Dec 134:30 PM7:00 PM150306754
Tue, Dec 144:30 PM6:45 PM135306754
Wed, Dec 154:30 PM6:45 PM135306754
Wed, Dec 1510:15 PM11:15 PM60306754
Thu, Dec 164:30 PM6:30 PM120306754
Fri, Dec 175:30 PM10:30 PM300306754
Woolwich (St. Jacobs Arena)
Sat, Oct 2311:30 AM1:00 PM90306754
Sat, Oct 232:30 PM4:30 PM120306754
Mon, Oct 254:30 PM6:30 PM120306754
Tue, Oct 266:30 PM7:30 PM60306754
Wed, Oct 275:30 PM8:30 PM180306754
Sat, Oct 301:00 PM4:30 PM210306754
Mon, Nov 014:30 PM7:00 PM150306754
Tue, Nov 025:30 PM7:30 PM120306754
Wed, Nov 035:30 PM6:30 PM60306754
Wed, Nov 038:30 PM9:30 PM60306754
Fri, Nov 055:00 PM6:00 PM60306754
Fri, Nov 057:00 PM10:00 PM180306754
Fri, Nov 0510:00 PM11:00 PM60306754
Sat, Nov 069:30 AM4:30 PM420306754
Mon, Nov 084:30 PM7:00 PM150306754
Tue, Nov 095:30 PM7:30 PM120306754
Wed, Nov 105:30 PM6:30 PM60306754
Wed, Nov 108:30 PM9:30 PM60306754
Sat, Nov 131:00 PM4:30 PM210306754
Mon, Nov 154:30 PM7:00 PM150306754
Tue, Nov 165:30 PM7:30 PM120306754
Wed, Nov 175:30 PM6:30 PM60306754
Wed, Nov 178:30 PM9:30 PM60306754
Sat, Nov 201:00 PM4:30 PM210306754
Mon, Nov 224:30 PM7:00 PM150306754
Tue, Nov 235:30 PM7:30 PM120306754
Wed, Nov 245:30 PM6:30 PM60306754
Wed, Nov 248:30 PM9:30 PM60306754
Sat, Nov 271:00 PM4:30 PM210306754
Mon, Nov 294:30 PM7:00 PM150306754
Tue, Nov 305:30 PM7:30 PM120306754
Wed, Dec 015:30 PM6:30 PM60306754
Wed, Dec 018:30 PM9:30 PM60306754
Sat, Dec 041:00 PM4:30 PM210306754
Mon, Dec 064:30 PM7:00 PM150306754
Tue, Dec 075:30 PM7:30 PM120306754
Wed, Dec 085:30 PM6:30 PM60306754
Wed, Dec 088:30 PM9:30 PM60306754
Sat, Dec 111:00 PM4:30 PM210306754
Mon, Dec 134:30 PM7:00 PM150306754
Tue, Dec 145:30 PM7:30 PM120306754
Wed, Dec 155:30 PM9:30 PM240306754
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